Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes: Answer or another Poison

For the last fifty years we have been bombarded with information about cigarette smoking. Millions of people have died from smoking tobacco. The information that we have is that if there is nothing done to lower the smoking rate, by the end of the 21st century about a billion have died from preventable death.e cig

Cigarette smoking has become a habit for smokers because they need to get some nicotine. Nicotine is a highly-addictive substance. Despite being addictive it has never been proven that it can cause significant harm when inhaled in small quantities. Liquid nicotine is another story and more on that below. The problem with smoking is not the nicotine. It is the other chemicals, thousands in fact, that can impact the health. It is said that about 70 carcinogens are being produced by burning tobacco. And that makes smoking one of the biggest killers of our time.

This is the reason why an enterprising Chinese pharmacist devised a less harmful way to get to nicotine without getting entangled with the other harmful chemicals. The idea is to allow vapers or those who are using this new device to get nicotine minus all other chemicals. That is why we have electronic cigarettes in our midst.

The rise to popularity of electronic cigarettes never came swiftly. It took several years before consumers got the hang of this new device. Electronic cigarette works by heating a liquid filled with nicotine. The resulting vapor is inhaled like a cigarette smoke. The whole experience mimics the smoking habit without getting exposed to the harmful chemicals. A pretty good deal if you think about it.

Medical experts agree that electronic cigarettes are way safer than tobacco. In fact, anything that is non-tobacco is definitely safer than tobacco. But, there are some reservations about giving the electronic cigarettes the seal of approval. In fact, some health advocates and authorities are not keen on endorsing the use of vapes for smokers. They think that these new devices pose some degree of harm, they just don’t what are those.

A lot has been said about the potential of vapes as a smoking-cessation device. There have been a number of studies that gave positive views on vapes as a tool to help smokers quit smoking. Then again, there are conflicting studies saying that electronic cigarettes do not help smokers quit. These studies have completely dismissed the studies that show vaping as a viable way to end the smoking habit.

Truth be told, electronic cigarettes have never claimed to be a smoking-cessation device. It is more of a device that is out to replace tobacco. It will still cater to the addiction and remains an addictive device. Saying that electronic cigarettes are not addictive is downright lying. The nicotine in the vapes have the potential to get people addicted. The good thing though is that compared to tobacco, the levels of nicotine in some vaping brands are lower than 20mg which is the accepted safest levels.

The smoking cessation paradigm only surfaced after smokers have claimed that they were able to quit smoking with the help of vapes. Most of the claims are anecdotal. This is the reason why a group of researchers in New Zealand tested electronic cigarettes. They found out that electronic cigarettes are able to help smokers quit almost as the same effectiveness as other nicotine-replacement products.

Another thing going against electronic cigarettes is the fact that it has become a poison to some children. The poison control centers all over America reported a 300 percent increase in cases involving accidental liquid nicotine ingestion. This prompted some sectors to quip that electronic cigarettes are harmful and toxic.

If you look at the situation, it is not the fault of vapes if they are causing problems such as poisoning among young people. We don’t go banning household cleaners or isopropyl alcohol just because people accidentally ingest them. It is not the fault that some users are not careful enough to keep their devices away from the reach of children.

Electronic cigarettes have the potential of saving millions of lives. If only these devices can save a tenth that would be a great milestone against tobacco. Eventually, tobacco dependence will go down but it would be a long road ahead. Then again, we have to start somewhere.

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